What’s in a Zero Waster’s bag?

February 2018 was probably one of the most amazing months in my life! We traveled down the West Coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles, meeting all the amazing zero wasters I felt I had known for ages already! It was so so exciting to finally be able to give my online friends a big hearty hug in real life! (Yes, I’m a hugger 😝)

In Los Angeles I was so thrilled I finally got to hang out with Jamie (IG | youtube | blog) in person! I think I have been following Jamie ever since I started my ZW IG account and it’s just so amazing to see how she’s even cooler in real life LOL!

As expected I  geeked out SO HARD 🤓😂!

The first thing we did was to hit the bulk aisle to buy an almost shameful amount of snacks 😈 — chocolate, cake, nuts, carbs, you name it!! #sorrybutnotsorry

With bags and containers full of sugary calories we headed to Malibu for the nicest picnic I had ever had. Being two zero waste content creators (one nerd 🤓 and one mermaid 💜) ON SUGAR, it didn’t take us long to get our cameras out and start shooting though.

Following Jamie’s professional directions we shot this “What’s in our bags?” video for Jamie’s channel. Jamie is definitely one of my video inspirations, even though you’d probably never have guessed, because the quality of our videos are far from being comparable. Her videos are just so so aesthetically pleasing and well crafted, and mine are… Well, not online for the most part for a very good reason 🙈.

We also shot a video for my channel (“Zero Waste Confessions”). It’s not online yet, because, well, um, I suck at making videos 😭, okay?! But I can assure you I am working on it! Needless to say the shoot of my video wasn’t as professional as Jamie’s video LOL. I had the BEST time though! It was amazing to not just hang out, but also to work with Jamie! I learned so so much from her! She had a clear vision, and obviously she knew how to realize it! Her instructions were so easy to understand, her communication so clear, and she already had the editing process in mind while we were shooting. #goals

So what did we have in our bags??

Spoiler alert: Jamie and I don’t have the same things with us in our bags!

Do watch the video! Jamie and I also chat about why we carry around what we carry around, a period talk included! #destigmatizemenstruation

I had a BLAST with Jamie 💚! I am actually pretty camera shy (I have been trying to overcome it though), and Jamie made me feel at ease in front of the camera. Thanks so much for that, Jamie, you’re the best 💜!

You can find Jamie on

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