The First Zero Waste Bloggers Meeting in The Netherlands

© Y Fair Production From left to right: Yvonne (Y Fair Productions), Judith (Watbeweegjij), Jessie (Emma + John), Nicky (Emma + John), Eske (Pittoreske), Hanno (my husband), Shia (myself), Marjolijn (GOODsONLY package-free store), and Tessa (Awkward Duckling) – please check the list below

Blogger and green entrepreneur Yvonne behind Y Fair Productions decided to organize the very first Zero Waste bloggers meeting in The Netherlands after she heard about the French Zero Waste bloggers meeting in Paris.

Zutphen Netherlands

The idyllic town of Zytphen, the fourth oldest town in The Netherlands.

Well, my husband and I are not Dutch, and as a matter of fact neither of us does not even speak Dutch, but we live fairly close to the border to Holland and when I asked Yvonne was kind enough to let us impose 😁💚!!


So last Sunday we got up at 6 a.m., took four trains, got us some strooong coffee (nope, we’re definitely not morning persons) and 4+ hours later we arrived in the beautiful city of Zutphen! The meeting was set in the Zero Waste packageless store GOODsONLY.

Zero Waste Blogger Meeting

©Y Fair Productions

The meeting started with Martijn, Zutphen’s so far only, but ambitious bike courier, who also provides a grocery deliver service for example for the elderly for this very charming Zero Waste store.

Zero Waste Bloggers Meeting in The Netherlands

Afterwards, Marjolijn, the owner of this lovely store, shared her story and idea behind opening the store. I will post an article only on this gorgeous store next week or the week after 😉!

Zero Waste Blogger Meeting

© Y Fair Productions – From left to right: Tessa (Awkward Duckling), Martijn (Fietskoeriers Zutphen), Hanno (my husband), and myself

It was really inspiring to chit-chat with the other bloggers! We talked a lot about Zero Waste, package-free stores in Holland and Germany, how to deal with family and friends, about Zero Waste alternatives for all sorts of things, even including monthly lady business and where to get that stuff LOL.

Zero Waste Blogger Meeting

Judith (Watbeweegjij) re-filling a bag with bulk cereal.

And of course, since being in a package-free store is not everyday business for either one of us, we all came prepared 😉. Armed with pre-used bags, cloth bags, jars, and our cameras, we all went a bit crazy 😝.

Zero Waste Blogger Meeting

From left to right: Nicky (Emma + John), Jessie (Emma + John), a bit in the background Judith (Watbeweegjij), Eske (Pittoreske), and Hanno (my husband) all checking out the assortment.

Considering the fact that we still had a 4+ hour train ride ahead of us, we decided to not buy too much, but of course we still got more than we planned to 😝.

Zero Waste Blogger Meeting

From left to right: Judith (Watbeweegjij), Yvonne (Y Fair Productions), Jessie (Emma + John), Nicky (Emma + Johns)

Time really flew, and in what felt like just a few moments it was time to get going. I have only had the pleasure to meet very few fellow zero wasters, so I always feel that the time was too short, and that there was so much more I would have loved to talk about 😆!

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