Save the Date: Zero Waste Workshop in Vancouver!

Oh, I am so excited about this!! Hanno (hubby) and I relocated from Germany to Vancouver, BC two months ago, and the city really has been treating us so well, as my dear Instagram followers know 💚! As we see it, Vancouver is a city of bulk! Bulk really is everywhere! Granted, most people scoop their dry goods from the bulk bins into these ugly plastic bags, but you can also just bring your own containers.

Just yesterday, when we went to Whole Foods, a lady came to ask us about our jars. She said she had never seen anybody do this, but loved it so much! We explained that you can weigh your containers at home or ask customer service to do it for you, and they can take off the weight at the till. This basically happens every time we bring our own containers. People around us get curious and I like to think that one day they might gather their courage and give it a try 😊!

Vancouver is a city with the ambitious goal of becoming a zero waste city by 2040!

And yes, Vancouver is a city where living pretty close to what is commonly perceived as zero waste is very very doable! You know, the one jar of landfill waste per year thing? Yes, you can do that here!

►  If you want to learn how to go zero waste and stay sane while you transition, join me at The Soap Dispensary in Vancouver on May 21st from 7-9pm! It will be a fun and chill workshop hosted by the wonderful Jollia from KarmaBitez 💚💪🌎!

Zero waste does not have to be complicated and time-consuming! Let’s work on a doable version we can all integrate in our busy lives. Feel empowered! Bring your great humor, a smile, some containers, and let’s rock ‘n roll!

Tickets are $15 early bird (before May 15) and $20 regular priced.
Tickets are limited to only 25. Book your ticket here.
Visit the official event page here.

Event Description

Are you eager to reduce your environmental impact but don’t know how?
Have you tried going zero waste but don’t know where to start?

We’ve partnered up with Shia Su, the popular zero waste blogger behind Wasteland Rebel, to show you how easy it is to transition into a zero waste (ZW) lifestyle. She will talk about challenges she faced during her ZW journey, sharing practical tips on how you can start consuming less and reducing your carbon footprint right away.

What you’ll take away from this event:

    • How to save time and money by consuming only what you need
    • Gain practical tips on how to overcome every day situations as a zero waster (for example: problems with taring your containers at check out)
    • DIY recipes for personal care essentials (toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, hand wash)
    • Tips on how to: zero waste takeouts, zero waste travelling
    • Opportunity to ask your burning questions about living zero waste

Make sure to bring your jars and containers to get all the ingredients you’ll need 😊!

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