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Personal questions

Does your husband live zero waste too? How did you get him to join in?
How and when did you get into Zero Waste?
Why do you still dye your hair?
Do you use natural hair dye?

Very personal questions

How do you wipe your butt?
Do you still use condoms?/What kind of contraception do you use?
But you still use tampons, right?

Veganism and Zero Waste?

Do you supplement vitamin B12?
Is there a zero waste option for plant-based milk?
What blender do you use to make your plant-based milk?
What is the zero waste vegan butter substitute of your choice?
What about zero waste vegan whipped cream?
What about zero waste vegan cheese substitute products?

Thoughts on zero waste

Don’t bulk stores just generate as much trash? Do I really create less trash by buying in bulk, or do I just leave the trash in the store?
Isn’t a zero waste lifestyle very expensive?
Why is decluttering considered zero waste? Isn’t it creating more trash?


Can I send you suggestions?
Can you please write about how to go zero waste with kids?

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