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Are you interested in an interview? Maybe you’d like to book us for a speaking engagement at your event, advertise on my blog or social media, or book a personal coaching session? Just shoot me an email to info[at]wastelandrebel[dot]com and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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    • Sure, however, I need some info as to where to put you on my list ;). Do you mind telling me where I should put the pin on the map for you? If you don’t want a pin on the map that’s ok too. However, I do need to know which country you live in because there are different ZW needs depending on the infrastructure available to you.

  1. Wow! This is the best 5r and zero waste website (for range of information, clarity and attitude) that I have found. I am only beginning to embark on this lifestyle, and truly appreciate someone taking the time to put together 1 concise and pleasing place to find the information my family needs to step forward, steadily on this path. With a 3 yr old and an at home job, I would not be able to do this much research in a year. Know you are making a difference. Thanks again. Cheers to embarking!

    • Awww, thanks! There is still so so much I want to write about! I feel like I have only covered a tiny fraction lol. I am very happy that the small fraction was helpful though <3! And so cool you and your family are going zero waste! Don't feel bad if it's only baby steps though! That's what I hear a lot – ppl trying to go ZW the very next day, but that's just too overwhelming! We also took baby steps, and look where it got us :).

  2. Hello, I am E.J. Ko.
    I’m following your Instagram and this website. It is inspiring me and taking my life to eco-friendly and plastic-free life.
    I’m a beginner for vegan and plastic-free lifestyle. When I looked around my home and office, so many plastic products are found. Especially, computer and its products and stationary products (ex. pen, etc) are made by plastic materials. In this case, how did you use them? Did you change or replace your products that contain plastic material (as small parts)? Could you give me some comments about it?

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