8 quick and easy hacks for a plastic-free July—or any other time of the year ;)

July 3rd is the International Plastic Bag Free Day. If that’s too boring schmoring or too amateur level for you, I dare you to go plastic-free (single-use plastic) for the entire month of July! What? Don’t chicken out now!


©Plastic Free July – click on it to get the large picture (get it 😉?)

Here are some quick hacks on how to reduce your single-use plastic consumption drastically without breaking a sweat.

  1. Place a reusable bag where you might need it: In the depth of your bag #wimb, in your car, in your hoodie, in your bra…? Whatever, you’ll find a place to stuff it, I’m sure. Or what I like to do: Just put it under your keys/ wallet/ phone at home. When you leave the house and grab your things – tadaaa!
  2. Use a laundry mesh bag (you know, the ones women use for bras) for produce. Or just don’t use anything at all, works fine too. #LazyAssZeroWaster
  3. When ordering a drink, say: “No straw please.”
  4. Make the July a “let’s use up all the junk I secretly hoarded” month. The shampoo you bought because it smelled so sickenly flowery? Use it for bubble bath. The bag of weird wheat grass powder you bought because you wanted to go into smoothie-ing to feel healthy and inspired? I don’t know, ask Google what to do with it… #ImNoHoarderOrAmI
  5. Prefer paper or glass over plastic packaging. Or just ditch all the packaging craze and shop at the bulk bins. #GoGreenInStyle
  6. If you just have to have your coffee on the go, grab a tumbler. Forgot your tumbler at home? At least refuse the plastic lid. Come on, you know you can do better #ChooseReuse
  7. Stay hydrated – your refillable water bottle is your best friend. Stuff some citrus fruits, berries or mint in there and it’s even super fancy schmancy and Insta-ready.
  8. Be the lazy ass you clearly deserve to be! Shop less and you will automatically generate less waste in general, it will save you a ton of money, and you get to spend your valuable time with what really matters. Binge watching Game of Thrones for example.

Bonus Level

Congratulations! You have unlocked the bonus dungeon! Come in to earn some additional brownie points 😝.

Swap disposables for reusables! Use a washable cotton pad or a wash cloth instead of single-use cotton balls, a cotton rag instead of a sponge, hankies instead of tissues, a reusable food container instead of take out boxes, a long-term partner instead of Tinder… Just kidding – or am I? If you are in a committed relationship and you can rule out STDs (just get tested, it’s really not a big deal), you could ditch condoms, hence generating a bit less waste..

Anyway, going for reusable and long-lasting items will save you a lot of money long-term, and is obviously more earth-friendly because we don’t waste the scarce resources on things we toss after only one use (plus its packaging and the transport). Another way to cut single-use plastic out of your life.

See, that wasn’t rocket science, now was it? Now go have fun with it, and don’t beat yourself up if you find a “plastic surprise” (e.g. a plastic bag hiding in a paper bag, a plastic seal in a jar), it’s all about a more conscious consumption and getting to know yourself, right?

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