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How to “zero waste” in official meetings?

When people hear about my zero waste lifestyle, they ask me all sorts of questions, oftentimes very personal ones too. And they also ask about tips on how they can reduce their waste. However, I do not have kids, pets, and do not have to organize or host conferences or meetings. So there are many things I cannot tell you from first-hand experience. I cannot tell you how lucky I always feel when other people, like Franziska and Mateja, offer to share their experiences on my blog with all of you 💚!

Franziska is a PHD student at my alma mater, the University of Osnabrück in Germany, and part of the research project on sustainability, eCoInnovateIT. She’s definitely one to walk the talk! Mateja is Franziska’s close friend, student assistant and specializing in European Sustainability Policy.

Both of them decided to make their last project meeting waste-free! And here’s how this went down 😜.

Meetings might be similar all over the planet. Many cookies are eaten, carbonated or non-carbonate bottled water (mostly in plastic) and many liters of coffee are drunken. At the end, the hard-working staff has produced a huge amount of waste – independently of the institutions’ claim to practice sustainability or not. These were our thoughts, when we started the planning for our next project meeting. Isn’t it strange to research about sustainability and to nosh all that sweets with three layers of plastic packaging in a meeting? Thankfully, Franziska is fully in swing of zerowaste as she is writing here phd thesis on sustainable consumption. And now: our experience and the most important to-dos and not to-dos in detail. Read More

How to reduce your paper waste and to get rid of that paper clutter

Thank you @imagos for letting me use this expressive photo of yours! Go follow him on Instagram, he captures great street scenes 😁! © imagos

When we talk about reducing our waste and our footprint, we tend to focus on plastic, and for a very good reason too! Plastic is destructive in so many ways. However, because we focus so much on plastic, we tend to turn a blind eye on paper! People keep asking me: “What’s so bad about paper?” And my answer usually is: “Paper, too, needs to be produced, which consumes energy and other resources. Did you know that one bucket of water is needed to produce just one sheet of paper? Of course there’s a place for paper, but if I can avoid it, I will.”

Well, good news 😜! I have some tips for you on how to reduce your paper waste! And even better news – reducing your paper waste will automatically help you in your fight against the paper clutter that tends to creep up on all of us. You know, these piles of paper that somehow become part of the interior after a while, the bills you might have not paid because, right, where the heck were they…?

1. Get rid of that junk mail

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