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Our trash of the last 8 months #TrashTalk

So, it has been three months since I posted our last Trash Stats, and we have learned a lot since 😉. We have now changed what we put into our trash jar. We used to put in what is being collected as “general waste” and “packaging” – both recyclable and non-recyclable – here in Germany. So this has led to a lot of confusion, especially with my non-German readers and international Instagram followers. A lot of people kept pointing out to me that some things in my jar were in fact recyclable, and some people were confused because seeing the things in my jar they thought that what they had previously assumed as being recyclable was not. Furthermore, a lot of the media folks also requested that I take out the recyclable items so our jar was more comparable to Béa Johnson ‘s or Lauren Singer‘s jar, even though I kept insisting that this really isn’t and shouldn’t be a competition, and that just because some things are recyclable in principle (like Tetrapak) they do not actually get recycled for various reasons 🙄!

Zero Waste - Müll zu zweit nach 8 Monaten

Anyway, because I am tired of explaining, I decided to make our jar a “non-recyclable only ” zone. However, I did leave our vitamin B12 PET bottle in our jar – yes, even though PET bottles are recyclable in principle. When we visited our local waste management plant back in January, the manager did explain that plastics can only be recycled when it’s single-variety and of the same color. The moment a sticker gets stuck onto a theoretically recyclable plastic bag, it becomes non-recyclable! Well, and unusual colors do NOT get recycled either because they would ruin the other batches. So I have to first make sure brown PET bottles aren’t too unusual of a color 👅.

See-through windows in envelopes

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Our trash of the last 5 months #TrashTalk

We have been collecting our trash since August 26, 2015. Well, it wasn’t like anything special happened on that day. We just decided to just get started and not to wait until New Year’s.

It IS a bit weird for us I have to admit. Both my husband and I might be a bit, um compulsively neurotic when it comes to things like pictures hung askew (what kind of monster does that??), odd numbers of stairs (are all architects on drugs??), or our two MALM dressers sporting two different kinds of off-white (is IKEA trying to drive us insane??)

Anyway… We have been working on this for years and we have graciously learned to tolerate these things. We now do not ask to be seated at another table anymore, when a restaurant happens to have pictures on that side of the wall that a person with obviously very poor vision and no skills has hung. We now tolerate it and chose to die a bit on the inside instead. Yay us! And yes, up to this day, I do still feel like throwing one of these godforsaken dressers out of the window (in those moments I do see myself as a slightly better looking version of the incredible Hulk by the way 😂). But I try to fight this impulse.

Soooo, I almost started a new jar on January 1st, but I pretended to be an adult and all mature and all that crap, in order to find my inner peace and stuff…

The Stats!!

Because I was so mature and all we can now present – drum roll please – the STATS!
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Our trash of the last 3 months #TrashTalk

My husband and I started collecting our trash on August 26, 2015. We had just previously received some media attention and were asked if we also had a “garbage jar”. We didn’t but got curious. What would be in our jar? What are our “problem areas” we still needed to work on?

Our trash of the last 3 months zero waste Wasteland Rebel

Our landfill trash of the last three months (we are a household of two). We still intend to recycle the razor blade and the bottle caps, but have to ask our city on their policy on these things (so far I haven’t been able to find someone there who could answer my very specific questions.. Will definitely call again!)

It’s now been three months, and yesterday we emptied our jar to have a closer look at the landfill waste we have generated so far: Read More