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Try composting in your apartment – with a worm bin 🐛

Oh, I just love to say it: WE GOT WORMS 😇! And you bet we got a lot of ’em! Around 3,000, and of course we named each and every one of them. Nah, not true, we didn’t name them. We are bad with names so we didn’t bother.

I am talking about our worm bin – in the kitchen! All they do is to linger in there and eat, poop, and multiply. What a life 😜!

Wurmkiste – Kompostieren in der Stadtwohnung

What is this worm bin and doesn’t it smell bad?

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7 tips for reducing waste outside your home

When we think about Zero Waste and how to reduce waste, the first things that always come to mind is a) reducing food waste, and b) reducing household waste. While both are definitely very important, we do also create quite a lot of waste outside our homes.

But these straight-forward tips will help to reduce a lot of trash you would otherwise generate! You just need a couple of helper items, as I like to call them 😉.

First of all, we are all creatures of habit! Yes, even the most spontaneous ones among us! You know, I used to think I was super dooper spontaneous. When I was still in college I used to leave my dorm room, often not returning until a couple of days later, dressed in clothes that weren’t mine.

Years later I finally realized that my super dooper spontaneous actions did always have a pattern! After partying I would crave for junk food. Not exactly something unknown, right? Even on morning after a night I wasn’t partying, I was ALWAYS late in the morning and would grab a coffee to go on the way to class. Not very surprising considering the fact that I have NEVER EVER been a morning person!

Soooo, this is where I want to start with the tip # 1!
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How to reduce your paper waste and to get rid of that paper clutter

Thank you @imagos for letting me use this expressive photo of yours! Go follow him on Instagram, he captures great street scenes 😁! © imagos

When we talk about reducing our waste and our footprint, we tend to focus on plastic, and for a very good reason too! Plastic is destructive in so many ways. However, because we focus so much on plastic, we tend to turn a blind eye on paper! People keep asking me: “What’s so bad about paper?” And my answer usually is: “Paper, too, needs to be produced, which consumes energy and other resources. Did you know that one bucket of water is needed to produce just one sheet of paper? Of course there’s a place for paper, but if I can avoid it, I will.”

Well, good news 😜! I have some tips for you on how to reduce your paper waste! And even better news – reducing your paper waste will automatically help you in your fight against the paper clutter that tends to creep up on all of us. You know, these piles of paper that somehow become part of the interior after a while, the bills you might have not paid because, right, where the heck were they…?

1. Get rid of that junk mail

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Use Handkerchiefs instead of Tissues #SimpleSwap #ChooseReuse

Ah, handkerchiefs. Most people think they are a thing of the past, but they are in fact still very common in Asia! I remember when I was in elementary school in Taiwan (I only went for six months there though) every morning the teacher would check if we had clean nails, all of our books, our notebooks, a pen, an eraser – and a handkerchief!

Back in Germany I forgot all about handkerchiefs. It wasn’t until I spent a year in Tokyo (and two months in Taiwan) during grad school when I realized that handkerchiefs are still very much in use. Not as snot rags, but for other odd jobs like drying your hands or wiping off smudged mascara. But why not use them for the occasional sniffles? Read More