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Why you shouldn’t use Q-tips to clean your ear

I used to clean my ears with Q-tips each time after I showered. I thought I was so so badass eco-friendly because I went all out for the “plastic-free” ones with organic cotton. As always, plastic-free only meant the product, not the packaging…

I didn’t waste a thought on how incredibly stupid it was to waste organic cotton on something that will be tossed after only one single use! Did you know that 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of cotton has a water footprint of 21,000 liters (= 5.500 gallons) of water?

Okay, so we waste all these resources, but at least at the end of the day, we have clean ears, right? Nope. Wroooong!! Read More

Homemade Zero Waste toxic-free dishwasher detergent in only 1 minute

This is one of the super simple recipes that almost feels like cheating 🙈!

We had been using this homemade detergent for a year, and it works just as well as the pretty pricy store-bought dishwasher detergent we had before.

Now we hardly ever use it anymore. Not because the detergent doesn’t work, but because of minimalism! We gave away most of our kitchenware and plates so now we actually don’t have enough plates to fill the dishwasher with anymore 😂! We only kept 1 big plate, 4 side plates, 2 small rice bowls, and 2 blates (= something between a bowl and a plate)… It works surprisingly well because my husband does all the dishes right afterwards so they don’t pile up. Well, I do still use the dishwasher whenever I bake a lot though 😁. Read More

Zero Waste, non-toxic all-purpose cleaner #SimpleSwap

In supermarkets or drugstores there are aisles and aisles full of highly specialized cleaners, decorated with warnings on their labels. We, too, had so many of these at home. When we went Zero Waste, we started to look for alternatives, since basically all cleaning products come in plastic. I was also tired of the aggressive cleaning products that I couldn’t use without wearing gloves because I would break out almost instantly.

We went for vinegar, and after a while we realized that we actually neglected all of the cleaners we still had! The vinegar cleaner has become our all-purpose cleaner! In the end, we gave away all of our pre-zero-waste cleaning products. Oh, and there is no need for me to wear these unsexy yellow rubber gloves anymore – yaaaay 😝!
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Use Handkerchiefs instead of Tissues #SimpleSwap #ChooseReuse

Ah, handkerchiefs. Most people think they are a thing of the past, but they are in fact still very common in Asia! I remember when I was in elementary school in Taiwan (I only went for six months there though) every morning the teacher would check if we had clean nails, all of our books, our notebooks, a pen, an eraser – and a handkerchief!

Back in Germany I forgot all about handkerchiefs. It wasn’t until I spent a year in Tokyo (and two months in Taiwan) during grad school when I realized that handkerchiefs are still very much in use. Not as snot rags, but for other odd jobs like drying your hands or wiping off smudged mascara. But why not use them for the occasional sniffles? Read More