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How to Make Zero Waste Liquid Dish Soap With Non-Toxic Ingredients in Just Minutes

Dish soap made with solid olive oil soap

You might be surprised by how easy and fast making your own cleaning products can be! Hubby and I are lazy people, so we are all about simple solutions, or else there is no way we would incorporate that into our daily lives. This dish soap can be made in only one minute if you use liquid castile soap. If you use bar soap, you will have to add 5-10 minutes of grating. Or you can always chop it into chunks and have your food processor take care of the rest.

Environmental Effects of Conventional Dish Soap

Dish soap, even the eco-friendly brands, is always sold in plastic bottles. And plastic bottles will eventually become plastic waste. Besides, conventional store-bought dish soap is based on surfactants. Surfactants are usually made from fossil fuels, and even “eco-friendly surfactants” are based on palm oil (read more on the problem with palm oil).

Surfactants lower the water’s surface tension. Some are not biodegradable, and even the ones that are biodegradable can take up to four weeks or longer to break down. In this time they can still be toxic to animals and entire ecosystems!

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Homemade Vegan and Zero Waste Kimchi

OMG, I LOVE kimchi 😍! Kimchi is a truly addictive traditional Korean fermented side dish, mostly napa cabbage 💚. Buying kimchi in bulk can seem difficult. In Asian supermarkets it is usually sold in cans, and it is pretty pricy too!

You might be surprised though, because most restaurants that have kimchi on their menu will sell it “to go” and agree to put it into your container 😊💕! Do be warned though: traditionally, kimchi contains fish sauce, so it is not a vegetarian dish. However, some restaurants that make their own kimchi do not add fish sauce to make it vegetarian-friendly.

I have been making my own kimchi for a couple of years already, even before we went vegan and later zero waste. Initially, it was because kimchi is indeed very pricey when you buy it in stores or from restaurants, and as a college student on a budget with a fermentation-crazed mom it just made sense to make it myself.

I have been asked countless times to post my now vegan kimchi recipe, but to be honest, I don’t follow a strict recipe but rather put in what I feel like would be nice and what we can get (e.g. we ran out of chili flakes 🌶 so I put in pickles chilis instead), and I only eyeball 👀 portion sizes 🙈.

Since I went vegan, I went through many vegan kimchi recipes to get the right pungent and umami taste, and I do base my freestyle kimchi based on The Simple Veganista’s awesome vegan kimchi recipe, since it is straightforward, uses simple ingredients, and is just sooo delicious! Read More