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How to Make Zero Waste Liquid Dish Soap With Non-Toxic Ingredients in Just Minutes

Dish soap made with solid olive oil soap

You might be surprised by how easy and fast making your own cleaning products can be! Hubby and I are lazy people, so we are all about simple solutions, or else there is no way we would incorporate that into our daily lives. This dish soap can be made in only one minute if you use liquid castile soap. If you use bar soap, you will have to add 5-10 minutes of grating. Or you can always chop it into chunks and have your food processor take care of the rest.

Environmental Effects of Conventional Dish Soap

Dish soap, even the eco-friendly brands, is always sold in plastic bottles. And plastic bottles will eventually become plastic waste. Besides, conventional store-bought dish soap is based on surfactants. Surfactants are usually made from fossil fuels, and even “eco-friendly surfactants” are based on palm oil (read more on the problem with palm oil).

Surfactants lower the water’s surface tension. Some are not biodegradable, and even the ones that are biodegradable can take up to four weeks or longer to break down. In this time they can still be toxic to animals and entire ecosystems!

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Try composting in your apartment – with a worm bin 🐛

Oh, I just love to say it: WE GOT WORMS 😇! And you bet we got a lot of ’em! Around 3,000, and of course we named each and every one of them. Nah, not true, we didn’t name them. We are bad with names so we didn’t bother.

I am talking about our worm bin – in the kitchen! All they do is to linger in there and eat, poop, and multiply. What a life 😜!

Wurmkiste – Kompostieren in der Stadtwohnung

What is this worm bin and doesn’t it smell bad?

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Homemade Zero Waste toxic-free dishwasher detergent in only 1 minute

This is one of the super simple recipes that almost feels like cheating 🙈!

We had been using this homemade detergent for a year, and it works just as well as the pretty pricy store-bought dishwasher detergent we had before.

Now we hardly ever use it anymore. Not because the detergent doesn’t work, but because of minimalism! We gave away most of our kitchenware and plates so now we actually don’t have enough plates to fill the dishwasher with anymore 😂! We only kept 1 big plate, 4 side plates, 2 small rice bowls, and 2 blates (= something between a bowl and a plate)… It works surprisingly well because my husband does all the dishes right afterwards so they don’t pile up. Well, I do still use the dishwasher whenever I bake a lot though 😁. Read More

Zero Waste, non-toxic all-purpose cleaner #SimpleSwap

In supermarkets or drugstores there are aisles and aisles full of highly specialized cleaners, decorated with warnings on their labels. We, too, had so many of these at home. When we went Zero Waste, we started to look for alternatives, since basically all cleaning products come in plastic. I was also tired of the aggressive cleaning products that I couldn’t use without wearing gloves because I would break out almost instantly.

We went for vinegar, and after a while we realized that we actually neglected all of the cleaners we still had! The vinegar cleaner has become our all-purpose cleaner! In the end, we gave away all of our pre-zero-waste cleaning products. Oh, and there is no need for me to wear these unsexy yellow rubber gloves anymore – yaaaay 😝!
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Make Laundry Detergent out of Chestnuts

May I introduce Vany :). Vany grows her own vegetables and has the cutest dog EVER ❤️! Today she will show you how to use chestnuts instead of store-bought laundry detergent! Depending on your latitude, NOW might be the time for you to go out and collect some free organic, eco-friendly laundry ;)!

I was looking for alternatives to normal store-bought laundry detergent, when I found out that the so-called eco-friendly laundry detergents were still full of unpronounceable ingredients that are in fact not too eco-friendly. I also found those soapnuts (nuts from the sapindus saponaria tree), a herbal laundry detergent. However, even though those were seemingly sold in a nice cotton bag, there was another plastic bag hiding inside… Read More