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Zero Waste Contraception???

Talking about sex 👉👌, contraception 🚫👶 , and menstruation 👹🍓🍅 still is something you are supposed to do behind closed doors or in a controlled and contained environment like sex ed class or THE TALK *pause for dramatic effect*. Chatting about it in a café, restaurant or even the subway will most probably earn you weird looks. Oh, and of course it is supposed to be awkward as hell, with a lot of stuttering, blushing, giggling and uncomfortable silence inbetween.

So let’s get uncomfortable. (Or not.)

Personally, I find the taboo surrounding these topics ridiculous. Come ON, people, it’s 2016, and these are topics that everybody needs to deal with. Yes, everybody! I do strongly believe that also the part of the population not having to menstruate (and I am born female and one of these people as I will explain later on) should know and be educated about what it is like to be on your friggin period! And having to ask for a tampon should not be something embarrassing, but normal. Because, well, it happens all the time. To 50% of the population. Just saying.

Anyway, today isn’t about aunt Flo, but about contraception. We’ll get to the period talk later, I promise 😉. I do apologize in advance for this long article. Contraception is a topic I believe most of us are not too well informed about, even though we all have sex. So even though I will focus on the Zero Waste aspect, I will also cram in a lot of information. Watch me unleash my inner eco sex ed nerd LOL 😝!

What is “green” about contraception in general

Every human being uses up a loooot of resources, and being able to plan pregnancies instead of – oopsie – having them happen helps a lot in slowing down the population growth.

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Why you shouldn’t use Q-tips to clean your ear

I used to clean my ears with Q-tips each time after I showered. I thought I was so so badass eco-friendly because I went all out for the “plastic-free” ones with organic cotton. As always, plastic-free only meant the product, not the packaging…

I didn’t waste a thought on how incredibly stupid it was to waste organic cotton on something that will be tossed after only one single use! Did you know that 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of cotton has a water footprint of 21,000 liters (= 5.500 gallons) of water?

Okay, so we waste all these resources, but at least at the end of the day, we have clean ears, right? Nope. Wroooong!! Read More

Homemade antibacterial mouthwash

I am a bit paranoid when it comes to oral hygiene! I have had gum problems for years and suffered through two painful treatments that is usually reserved for persons over 40. Just so you know: I got my first periodontitis treatment when I was 21 and my second one just last year at the age of 31. Outch!

As my dentist keep telling me: Using a mouthwash is essential when you have gum problems, since it reaches areas between your teeth and your gum that you cannot reach using a toothbrush and toothpaste.

However, I have always found store-bought mouthwash quite harsh. Years later, when playing around with an app that tells you if a product contains potentially harmful substances, I was shocked to find out that it was almost impossible to find a mouth wash (or makeup) that didn’t contain any alarming ingredients!

Today I really don’t know why I still continued using store-bought mouthwash, despite knowing that! Now that we strive to live zero waste, I have found a safe mouthwash that works for me. And did I mention it is also a LOT cheaper than its store-bought counterparts? Read More

Use Handkerchiefs instead of Tissues #SimpleSwap #ChooseReuse

Ah, handkerchiefs. Most people think they are a thing of the past, but they are in fact still very common in Asia! I remember when I was in elementary school in Taiwan (I only went for six months there though) every morning the teacher would check if we had clean nails, all of our books, our notebooks, a pen, an eraser – and a handkerchief!

Back in Germany I forgot all about handkerchiefs. It wasn’t until I spent a year in Tokyo (and two months in Taiwan) during grad school when I realized that handkerchiefs are still very much in use. Not as snot rags, but for other odd jobs like drying your hands or wiping off smudged mascara. But why not use them for the occasional sniffles? Read More