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12 Practical Green New Year’s Resolutions #GoGreenOrGoHome

1 Ditch bottled water

This is actually a super easy one. Just stop buying bottled water, duh! It will save you a lot of trouble. No spending money on this madness, no driving gallons and gallons of water home, no carrying all these heavy bottles into your kitchen anymore.

Did you know that the water quality of tab water is generally more strictly regulated than bottled water? In Germany where we live, tab water is the best controlled food. Nevertheless, most people here are concerned and convinced that the tab water in their area is somehow not drinkable because it’s “hard water”. Guess what? “Hard water” is admittedly bad for your electric appliances – but it’s actually good for YOU! By definition, hard water is water with a high mineral content! Yes, the expensive mineral water you buy is hard water!

2 Swap disposables for reusables, packaged items for unpackaged

Another easy one 😊. Read More