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8 quick and easy hacks for a plastic-free July – or any other time of the year ;)

July 3rd is the International Plastic Bag Free Day. If that’s too boring schmoring or too amateur level for you, I dare you to go plastic-free (single-use plastic) for the entire month of July! What? Don’t chicken out now!


©Plastic Free July – click on it to get the large picture (get it 😉?)

Here are some quick hacks on how to reduce your single-use plastic consumption drastically without breaking a sweat. Read More

7 tips for reducing waste outside your home

When we think about Zero Waste and how to reduce waste, the first things that always come to mind is a) reducing food waste, and b) reducing household waste. While both are definitely very important, we do also create quite a lot of waste outside our homes.

But these straight-forward tips will help to reduce a lot of trash you would otherwise generate! You just need a couple of helper items, as I like to call them 😉.

First of all, we are all creatures of habit! Yes, even the most spontaneous ones among us! You know, I used to think I was super dooper spontaneous. When I was still in college I used to leave my dorm room, often not returning until a couple of days later, dressed in clothes that weren’t mine.

Years later I finally realized that my super dooper spontaneous actions did always have a pattern! After partying I would crave for junk food. Not exactly something unknown, right? Even on morning after a night I wasn’t partying, I was ALWAYS late in the morning and would grab a coffee to go on the way to class. Not very surprising considering the fact that I have NEVER EVER been a morning person!

Soooo, this is where I want to start with the tip # 1!
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12 Practical Green New Year’s Resolutions #GoGreenOrGoHome

1 Ditch bottled water

This is actually a super easy one. Just stop buying bottled water, duh! It will save you a lot of trouble. No spending money on this madness, no driving gallons and gallons of water home, no carrying all these heavy bottles into your kitchen anymore.

Did you know that the water quality of tab water is generally more strictly regulated than bottled water? In Germany where we live, tab water is the best controlled food. Nevertheless, most people here are concerned and convinced that the tab water in their area is somehow not drinkable because it’s “hard water”. Guess what? “Hard water” is admittedly bad for your electric appliances – but it’s actually good for YOU! By definition, hard water is water with a high mineral content! Yes, the expensive mineral water you buy is hard water!

2 Swap disposables for reusables, packaged items for unpackaged

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What The Heck Is Zero Waste?

Trash is everywhere around us. It’s become something so normal in our lives, we don’t even realize it or think about it anymore. We get up in the morning, empty the tub of tooth paste – and toss it away without sparing it a second thought. But what does happen to all the garbage? Sure, we might even be one of those environmentally conscious people that do recycle – but does it really get recycled? Aren’t a lot of materials like milk cartons produced in a way that makes them almost impossible to be properly recycled? Read More