Hi there, I’m Shia ^^. If you’re vegan and you like baking, chances are that you might know me as the blogger behind the baking blog Cake Invasion. My husband and I live in Bochum, Germany, the 16th most populous city (population ~365,000) in Germany #whoohoo, also commonly called the best city in the world. Well, by people who live here, obviously ;). It’s a city nowadays often compared to Detroit – a blue-collar town where the auto industry is no more. It is, luckily, in a better shape than Detroit, also thanks to the This Is Not Detroit Project I guess. We moved here in April 2014 and we have come to love this city where people are straight-forward, sometimes painfully frank and honest, and, above all, welcoming.

We’ve always thought we were pretty green. We did’t buy bottled water, we recycled religiously (I even separated the little plastic windows from the envelopes), we always had one of those foldable shopping bags on us, we bought recycled toilet paper and tissues, we printed on the back of discarded paper, and we sold our car to use public transportation and our bicycles instead. Oh, and did I mention we decided to go vegetarian and later even vegan? Sounds like a pretty green lifestyle, right? However, there were still so many things surrounding us that I failed to question

It was September 2014, when I stumbled upon the story of the Johnsons. I couldn’t believe their landfill trash of one entire year could fit into just one Mason Jar #WTF?? And they weren’t some hippies living somewhere off-grid in some windy tree house! No, they lived in Downtown San Francisco in a beautiful house that looked like it came straight out of an interior design magazine. They just happened to not produce any trash. Simple as that.

I was instantly captured by how far they managed to push it. Why didn’t I ever try to look for those kinds of alternatives? Why did I just surrender as if I was forced to buy all those things that will fill the landfills, pollute the oceans, contaminate valuable soil, endanger animals? There. Is. A. Choice. And this blog is where I want to share our journey to a more minimalist, zero-waste life. You will find tipps, ideas and recipes for home-made cosmetics and cleaning products here – and I do hope you will also share your stories with me here as well :).


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  2. Just came across your blog when doing a search for eco-friendly floss. Excited to check out the rest of your blog!

  3. I’m vegan too and came across your blog looking for natural mouthwash recipes.
    We try to live zero waste but still have a long way to go. So will read some of your articles for how to ideas.

    • Hello there, fellow vegan zero waster ;),
      hope you are having lots of new experiences and ideas along your zero waste journey already :). We love the lifestyle, but it also took us quite some time to transition to veganism and to ZW later, so you too, just take your time! Changing habits takes time, that’s just the way it is!
      My blog has been a bit too quiet lately (life and all LOL), but I intend to give it a fresh, new jump start very soon, so stay tuned! You can also subscribe to my blog and will get an email whenever I post new content :).

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